Friday, December 9, 2011

So much has happened

If October was an emotionally demanding month, November turned into a physically and mentally demanding one.
Mob The Comet Alzheimer's Bike Ride
Finding a new home in the 'burbs
Going to work early in the mornings and working at lunch on Phillip's birthday presents 
Spending a week making decorations and napkins for our Thanksgiving dinner
Early Thanksgiving with friends at our downtown home. (Thanks Mary!)
Phillip and Katie's birthday dinner in Atlanta a few days early
My last day at Color Wheel
Phillip's birthday dinner on his actual birthday at Casa Mexicana in Cape Girardeau
Thanksgiving in Sikeston
Family Pictures after Thanksgiving
Packing up all our stuff
Moving into our new place
And throughout all of this, studying for the GRE

What does this have to do with running?   It's possible that throughout all this running might have gotten the boot.

Ok.  That's not entirely true.  I did manage to get in 9 runs. To be honest, with as much that happened in November, even getting in 9 runs is ok with me.  But I've got serious making up to do in December.  Fo sho.  And it ain't going to be pretty. 

End of November stats:
Total miles run in November:  36.0 (down 51.4% since October.  Dang.)
Farthest distance in November:  6.23 miles ran plus a 20 miles bike ride
Total miles since August:  265
Total calories burned since August: 24,520

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