Sunday, May 6, 2012

Part 3: Champaign

After making the split from the half-marathons, the full marathon runners made their way to Champaign.  Continuing on from Part 2: Urbana

 High Point:  Running next to a 65 year old man and knowing that if he can do it, I can do it.

Low Point:  Getting passed by said 65 year old man.

Mile 13: Passed by 65 year old man
 Low Point:  Hit Mile 16 and started to feel the pain.  Slowed down my already slow pace.

Mile 16: Starting to hurt and slow down
High Point: Hitting Mile 17, realizing I only had 9 miles to go, and reminding myself I just ran 9 miles the week before.

Mile 17: Only 9 miles to go
High Point: Getting to the intersection at Crescent and Sangamon at Mile 18, knowing that the next time I'm at that intersection I'll almost be done.

Mile 18:  Getting closer
Low Point: Getting passed by the 4:45 pace group.

Mile 20: Passed by the 4:45 pace group
High Point: Running close enough to the crowd that people called me by name as they cheered me on.

Mile 20.5: Getting cheered on
Low Point: Reaching Mile 22 and thinking I only had 3 miles left when I really had 4.

Mile 22: Thinking there was only 3 miles left.
High Point: "1408, you go girl!"

Mile 22.5: "You go girl!"
High Point: Made it back to Crescent and Sangamon.

Mile 22.75: Made it back
Low Point: Really starting to struggle.  Feeling the "Wall" hit me.

High Point: Not letting the "Wall" get the better of me and persevering through.

Mile 24.5:  The "Wall" hits
High Point: Reaching Mile 25, knowing there was only one mile left, and picking up my pace.
Mile 25: 1 mile left
High Point:  Seeing Memorial Stadium and knowing the end is near.

Low Point:  College students grilling out on the corner of the park in front of the Stadium.  Not cool.

High Point:  Turning the corner onto the street leading into the Stadium and seeing Joshua, Sara, PJ, and Jess.

Mile 26: Almost There

Part 4: The finish!

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