Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battle Wounds

After our first 9 mile run, we were pooped.  Tired.  I took the next run-day off.  Two days just weren't enough time for me to recover.  Phillip, however, knocked out 4 miles.  The next day, we joined a pick up game of soccer.

And then it happened.

After a quick bite to eat after the game in downtown Marietta, we started towards our car to go home.  All of a sudden, Phillip feels a pain in his knee.  His knee goes out.  He can't walk.  He has to lean on me in order to walk across the street to our car.  Oh no, this isn't good.  About a year and a half ago, Phillip had the same thing happen during a game of soccer and was out of commission for weeks.

Spending the next two weeks taking time to ice his knee and rest, he hasn't been on a run until today.  But he's back baby.  And he's got me being over-protective, giving him those looks only a teacher can give and reminding him to take it slow.  He'll be kicking my butt in no time.

Meanwhile, I've been keeping to the training program as much as possible.  Weekend runs have been out, due to lots of road trips, but starting this weekend, no more excuses.

Every once in a while during my morning runs, I'll bring along our dog Odette for a bit of exercise.

This past Tuesday I was on a 5 mile run, with Odette by my side.  My run took me to the main road just outside our neighborhood.  On the sidewalk right where I came out of is a section that is difficult to pass through.  One side of the sidewalk is blocked by a lamp post; two feet away there is a large metal box of sorts blocking the other side.  Not much room to get by with more than one person.  I look down at Odette to make sure she had enough room.  I see that she does.

And then it happened.

As I run by, I feel an incredibly sharp, intense pain on my shoulder.  I look up, and discover attached to the lamp post is a metal box.  My shoulder discovered the corner of said box.  My shirt has a quarter sized hole in the sleeve.  I try my best not to cry as I push through and keep running.

At a stop light, I check out the damage.  Oh man.  I did pretty good.

You can already see a bruise forming.

During my lunch, I was curious to see how much this new injury of mine had progressed.  It got all shades of reds and purples in a hurry. 

My kids at work got a good kick out of it.

After a bit of a peroxide wash, along with neosporin and band-aids, my shoulder is healing quite nicely.  The bruise is slowly fading and the scratch is starting to close up.

I'm happy to say that Odette made it through the whole incident unscathed.

As this is the end of the month:

Natalie's stats:
Total miles ran in September - 60.1
Total miles since August 2011 - 135
Total calories burned - 12,944 

Thanks RunKeeper!

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