Sunday, October 2, 2011

Early Days, Cooler Runs

The weather has a crisp breeze in the air, the leaves are starting to turn colors, the sun rises later and sets earlier.  Fall is upon us.

Running in the cooler weather has brought much needed satisfaction in improvement.  I no longer feel like I want to die five minutes in.  I can run a consistent, moderate pace the duration of however many miles I run in a day.  It feels great.

I do miss summer, with the long days, the warm sun, the carefree feeling of the season.  I don't miss the serious heat, the humidity, the mosquitos.  Who am I kidding, I still have to deal with the mosquitos.  Bah.

I'm typically out the door by 6:45 a.m. on my run days.  Seriously?  Yes.  My work schedule is such that I get extra time in the morning to get a run in, but in turn, I get home later in the evening than I'd like.  I've tried running after work, but I'm not a fan of spending what little time I have already on an hour of running.  Plus, working with kids all day leaves you drained.  So, my solution is to get up early and go.


With the sun rising later and later, it can still be pretty dark when I'm on the road.  I have to admit, the early morning foggy mist is pretty cool.

The downside to all of this is come the weekend, all I want to do is sleep in.  Oh, sleep.  Oh, comfortable bed.  Oh, warm blanket.  How I love you all.

The downside to sleeping in is the long runs that have to get done.  And with all our roadtrips behind us, no more excuses.

Today's goal:  9 miles.  Total miles: 9.16.  Total time: 1 hour and 30 minutes.  I broke my normal 10 minute pace!  I felt great the entire run and could have kept going.

Phillip's goal was just to slowly get back into running.  His total miles: 7.24.  Total time: 1 hour and 5 minutes.  Phillip's pace broke 9 minutes.  Even with a sore knee he's still faster than me. 

And now, I'm beat.  Can't get off the couch tired.  And bloated.  Ugh.  And have been super hungry all day.  Dang.  I'm very concerned of the forewarned weight gain that comes with marathon training. 

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